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Date: 2018-02-17 14:37

Regret is never rooted in the past.. rgeert is always rooted in an unsatisfactory present. What is it about your present life that you find unsatisfying? Or are you depressed? Your statements about everybody and nobody indicate a mental processing scheme that is a *censored* off. you might be depressed and need help with that, quite separately from the question of being out or it possible that you are envious of the women around you who have overcome challenges? I am one of the women you talk about, married to a man before I realized I was gay, and I cry regularly at the years and years of pleasure I lost. Some of the women you are talking to who are so casual about that loss might be using their casualness to mask a very serious pain. Or they might have done their inner work, and be at a point where they really have integrated that experience in a wholesome way. But the point is, to be closeted is an experience of loss and darkness. That 8767 s why you resisted it so ferociously. The words it wasn 8767 t working , which are words I use to describe being straight, cover over years and years and years of alienation and suffering and loss. What is there to be jealous of in my experience of being closeted for so long? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That was my rocky road and I walked it. Maybe you are looking for your own challenge, but feeling scared about taking it on, so feeling jealous of the challenges of others that really would have been quite easy for you to manage. That could be a kind of convoluted way of both telling yourself what you need to know (., that there 8767 s a challenge you need to take on) and hiding it from yourself at the same time (it 8767 s someone else 8767 s challenge and one that actually would have been quite easy for you to have overcome, as evidenced by your own bravery so far). Maybe you wish that you were someone who had overcome a challenge (that is easy for you).In which case, the relevant question is what challenge are you avoiding right now? Drop the idea that overcoming it is going to be easy. Start engaging it. When you have struggled with your own darkness and prevailed, you will not be jealous of the darkness that others have engaged. You will know what the taste of darkness really is and you will have a sense of yourself as an accomplished person, and when others tell you their stories and seem casual you will know, from your own experience, that the pain others carry is unknowable and that it 8767 s best to focus on your own struggle because that 8767 s the only one you have any hope with. You will be able to offer true compassion to others because you will know the meaning that those casual words of suffering carry. All the comparison stuff is just a way of distracting yourself from the basic point of your own life. Figure out what your challenge is, and take it on as your own. Then one day you too will be able to talk easily about mountains you have overcome. you have to earn it.

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I have a friend who works at waffle house, she told me someone just quit, I was working two jobs already in retail and looking for a change so I went on down to the waffle house and talked to one of the managers I told her about my other two jobs and told her I am looking to change my Friday Saturday Sunday job but not for a night shift job, she was all nice and sweet and saying that will be fine honey I will put you on first or second shift but occasionally we might need you to do a night shift, i said ok I dont mind occasional anything, so I handed my notice in at my Friday thru Sunday job and started waffle house training the following week. All through the week they talked about putting me on first or second shift, untill the day after I finished my training, then the other manager calls me and said we are going to start you off on third shift, I said what ? We already talked about this I told them I wasnt looking for a night shift job and they said thats fine ? She said well its just part of the job everyone wants first or second shift so we have to give you third shift because you are new. Then she said in a mean tone of voice, if you dont want to work the shifts, you can go back to your other job.
What kind of BS is that ? You dont hire people on the pretext of 6st and 7nd shift then spring nightshift on them after they quit their other job like some of of sneak thief. This is my life and my famiy we are talking about I have 8 *censored*ren between 7 and 8, my husband already works 67hr nights at the weekend, we made it work by me working those days and him those weekend nights. This is a warning to you all if you apply for a job at Waffle House, be aware their managers are sneaky decietful and unprofessional and they will blatently lie to you until you have quit your other job. Well I can tell you all, they put me on their schedule for next weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday 8rd shift.
So… they can whistle for their third shift because guess who will be at home with their *censored*s all next weekend and not answering the phone. Waffle House just wasted an entire week training me because if they had been honest from the start I would have told them a week ago, thanks, but no thanks because I can’t work 8rd shift. They think they can force me into a corner because I already quit my other job, well I got news for you Waffle House, I am already looking for another job. I have customer service awards, cerificates, tie pins, letters of appreciation from store managers, I was associate of the quarter at one of my retail jobs in January, I was salesperson of the quarter last december at my other job (My credit card applications are 855% higher than any of the other associates) I can take my pick of these corporate sales associate jobs, when i show them my credentials they cant wait to hire me. Waffle House, You can kiss my a**. SUCKERS

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